The Center of Excellence of Nano-manufacuturing Applications (CENA) is a world class international research consortium between governmental agency, industry and academia represented by King Abdul Aziz City of Science and Technology, Intel Corporation, and selected universities in META (Middle East, Turky and North Africa), respectively. CENA was established as a joint effort between KACST and Intel in April 2009.

CENA facilities at KACST represent a unique nano-manufacturing research venue serving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and META region. Because of its industrial association, CENA research is focused on the applications side of nano- processing and nano manufacturing.

CENA Consortium:
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    Due to unforeseen circumstances, the application period for the 2014 scholarships is expected to start ~April 2014. This is about three months delay from the earlier planned date in January. The list of research topics will be posted few weeks before the application period is set to open. CENA students are still expected to start their research at imec during Sept. 2014. .

First CENA PhD Student Graduates

    On the 5th of May 2013, Dr. Tesleem Asafa became the first CENA PhD student to defend his PhD thesis. Dr. Asafa was a student of King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM). Dr. Asafa’s thesis title was “Development of ultrathin polycrystalline silicon germanium films as structural layers for Nano-electromechanical systems (NEMS)”. Dr. Ann Witvrouw, Dr. Asafa’s advisor at CENA/imec was among the jury members. Dr. Asafa’s research at CENA produced five journal articles and two conference presentations. Congratulations….

What Has the Pioneering Class of 2013 Accomplished?

    Take a look at the publication list to-date for the 2013 Pioneering Class. More articles are still in preparation. CENA students conducted quality research during their 18 months scholarship at CENA.

A Milestone Has Been Reached

    In March 2013, students from the first Pioneering CENA Class returned back to their home universities. Returning Pioneers are expected to defend their thesis during the next 6 and 12 months for master and doctorate degrees, accordingly. This is an important milestone for CENA that highlighted the completion of one full cycle from recruitment to graduation.

2013 CENA Pioneering Class Started Jan.’13

    Twenty four Pioneers, comprising the 2013 CENA Class, commenced their thesis research at the CENA host imec in Belgium. Those distinguished students represent Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan and Saudi Arabia. Among the class, there are 18 students conducting PhD research and 6 for Master. The research topics include alternative thin film PV, Organic PV, 3D solid state batteries, MEMS design and fabrication, MEMS biosensors, atomic layer deposition, III-V materials research, microfluidics & applications, fabrication of waveguides using laser direct imaging, thermoforming for stretchable electronics, wireless communications and adaptive algorithms with applications in health care..             read more
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King Abdul Aziz City of Science and Technology, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. KACST is a Saudi Arabian independent scientific organization administratively reporting to the Prime Minister. KACST is both the Saudi Arabian national science agency and its national laboratories.

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Intel Corporation, world’s leading semiconductor and Nano-manufacturer.

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